Do you know that it is possible to be on holiday and at the same time, not be?

The constant calls, visitors, and unavoidable engagements at home can all be distracting. It means that you can spend your entire holiday period and not realize that you were actually on one! The primary essence of a holiday is to take a break and relax without any form of distraction, and this is what Rural Retreats offer you on a platter!

They offer the very best self-catering luxury holiday cottages not only in the UK but also abroad. There are over 500 stylishly presented country houses and cottages for you to choose from. They are all of the high standards. If you’re a fan of history and nature, then you’re home and dry! This is because many of these buildings have a great history behind them.

But this does not mean you should expect to see old worn out buildings, no. They have all been refurbished to modern standards. Their historical significance is, however, still very much intact.

Similarly, most of the holiday homes Rural Retreats offer are in coastal locations with magnificent sea views. They are also near some of the finest countryside in the UK. This includes areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) and National parks. Sight-seeing with astonishing views is something you can look forward to.

Rural Retreats give you a perfect blend of the rural and urban setting. Their farm cottages and luxury barns, coupled with our modern furnishings, is a perfect example of this. Your animals can come along too, as there are many dog-friendly holiday cottages as well. Isn’t it great to know that everything is self-catering?

What’s more?

The customer service is top notch. Once you book your property, you’re guaranteed a problem-free stay. This is because they will be there every step of the way to ensure that you’re well taken care of. They pretty much understand that you might have a hard time choosing a holiday home.

That is why they provide experienced staff who can help you make that choice. They do this by providing you with accurate and detailed information about all the buildings and cottages available. This makes decision making much easier for you.

Rural Retreats believes that your holiday should be about you and you should have a fantastic experience while you’re at it. That is why they’ve set up everything to ensure that you have that perfect holiday. Your holiday is a time to take a break from your routine, and relax and reflect, so wouldn’t you rather go away?

Perfect holidays don’t only happen in movies. They do exist. With Rural Retreats, you can live your dreams!

To find out more about their promotions and special offers, click here. You can also call 01386897187 for more information and inquiry or send an email to

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