As the switch to OLED technology continues for many high-end televisions, Samsung has gone out of its way to demonstrate just how much brilliance can be delivered from a top-of-the-line QLED television with its latest flagship – the Samsung Q90R.

And while this TV takes your viewing experience to a whole new level, you must be prepared to shell out top dollar for a chance to even have it around you.

Samsung Q90R: External Features and Aesthetics

As one of those gadgets primed to occupy a central position in your living room, the design and aesthetics of a television can be very important.

At 1.75 inches wide, the entire appearance of the Q90R is thoroughly streamlined – although thanks to its use of the fairly bulky but groundbreaking FALD backlighting technology it is some distance away from being the slimmest television on the market.

With the One Connect box, though, Samsung has ensured that the TV remains really sleek, needing only one cable to connect to the Connect Box which plays the CPU role.

Mate black with dark metallic silver edges, everything from the texture to the finishing of the TV is top notch. If, however, you do not like this black appearance, you can select the Ambient Mode function which enables the screen blend right into your home décor. And with the optional no-gap wall mount, the TV could fit right into your home like a considered design.

Samsung Q90R: Features and Performance

The One Connect box mentioned earlier plays host to all of the ports required for any physical connections. And while it does not feature an HDMI 2.1 port, the 2.0 does support a number of features associated with the 2.1. The Samsung OneRemote also returns for the Q90R, with direct access buttons for Amazon Video, YouTube, Netflix, and Rakuten, among others. The remote auto detects connected devices and grants you easy control over them all. Oh, and this is not your traditional remote, so do not expect to see many buttons on it.

Where Samsung really does stand out, however, is in the picture quality and HDR. The Q90R debuts Samsung’s “Ultra Viewing Angle” technology. By adding an extra layer to the panel, this technology maintains a steady light spread regardless of the viewing angle. This results in an impressive color quality regardless of your viewing angle; taking away all of the advantages the OLED had over LCD screens.

Yet another tech to make a debut appearance is the Quantum Processor 4K which scales up any picture content to a really sharp 4K resolution. The screen expresses colors as perfectly as can be expected of a high-end TV, managing to deliver even the color black as impressively as only an OLED screen can deliver thanks to the exceptional pairing of Samsung’s anti-reflective filter with a highly effective dimming algorithm.


Samsung has certainly gone up a level from its last year flagship in every department. Four powerful speakers are fitted into the panel, and the sound is just as crisp, clear, and distinctive as the picture quality. The use of AI in determining both the right audio and visual depths is also pretty hot. And while the price is at the very highest end of the scale, this QLED screen beats all expectations, delivering a masterpiece in picture quality in the very brightest of arenas.

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