San Francisco, the second most densely populated city in the United States of America, second only to New York City.

Ever heard of the Fisherman’s Wharf? This place gets its name from the early 1800s when it was flooded with fisherman that were feeding all the gold miners in the whole area, and most of the city of San Francisco itself. From there you can see the sea lines, you can take a boat to the famous prison of Alcatraz, you get to see tons of shops, souvenirs etc.  and on pier 39, in the Fishermans Wharf there’s even a settlement of Sea Lions, which have migrated from an area called Seal Rock in 1989… now, how often do you get to see them casually sunbathing in any given city’s port? Exactly.

If visiting, we also recommend breakfast at Mama’s, also seen in Time’s Magazine, Travel Magazine, Food Network amongst many more, and most people say that it’s probably the best breakfast you can get in San Francisco.  We suggest the “four cheese omelette” with some fresh break bread. simply delicious.

Then you’ve also got the Cost Tower, which was built on the highest point of land in San Francisco and offers panoramic the most amazing views across the city. There’s also one of the most famous china towns in the world, where you can sample mouthwatering food and other bits and pieces. On the way to Golden Bridge, it is a must that you stop by the little outcrop of land called Treasure Island and take in the breath-taking water scenery!

Of course, there’s so much more about the city of San Francisco which you can explore, but these are some of our personal highlights, the rest has to be discovered by you… Add it to your bucket list!


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