The strand – home to the iconic Savoy Hotel which has been there for over 150 years

Inside this grand old hotel is where you’ll find the beautiful American Bar, famous for serving up some of the world’s most classic cocktails and one of the last few remaining original piano bars in the world. There have been multiple award winning musicians who have had a go at it, including the late Frank Sinatra.

Known not just for cocktails but also amazing champaign and wines, it has its own distinct character and feel to it – hence why a lot of guests visit the Savoy Hotel, purely to enjoy a different and stylish bar!

If you have been to the Savoy before the great refurbishment and haven’t returned since, then you will be pleased to know that the company has injected new life into its main structure, bars and restaurants. £100 million pounds over budget, but worth every penny of course.

If you wish to stay, then a night at the Savoy will set you back anything from £300 for a standard room, and up to nearly £1000 for the royal suite.





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