The Sony XZ Premium is probably our favourite phone released this year so far. It is, as the name suggests, a premium smartphone but the big headline features here are the big 5.5” 4k HDR screen – the first time that’s ever been seen on a mobile!

There’s a 19mp camera on the back, which is way better than the previous generation Sony Xperia phones. It let’s in more light and it also shoots 960fps at 720p, which allows for some really great slow motion shots.

In terms of specifics, first of all it’s worth mentioning that it’s a really smart looking device. The Sony XZ Premium feels really premium and the silver model is just too sleek on the eye, although you can also have it in black. It has a guerrilla glass fibre on the front which is pretty a scratch resistant, and the thing that’s powering all this 4k HDR 960fps slow motion shooting magic – is the Snapdragon 835 processor.

Other headline features include the 19mp camera – a feat which is probably one of Sony’s best USP’s. First of all the 19MP on the Sony XZ Premium is its highest upgrade yet, it has 20% larger pixels than previous cameras on Sony mobile devices but it’s got a couple of interesting processing features as well, on both the photography and video side:

So on the photography side – the XZ Premium takes a picture before you even press the shutter. It senses when motion is happening in front of the cameras, then it presents you with what it thinks are the best four photos for you to choose from.

Then on the video side – it shoots slow motion at a higher rate than other smartphone cameras before it. That’s 960fps at 720p, which is about 4x faster than any other previous mobile camera and lets you get really detailed slow motion shots of whatever you want to film.

It’s our favourite phone released this year – absolutely beautiful and feels like a luxury phone with a sleek aluminium finish.




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