Living in Cardiff Bay definitely has its perks – it’s a vibrant, trendy and lively place with a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and landmark buildings, and also a few local and outdoor/maritime activities which I’ve been wanting to try for a while including the self-drive boats from The Boathouse.

I finally got to try one of these self-drive boats and this was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had in the Welsh capital – We went around the Bay, drove up the river Taff all the way to the millennium stadium and back, enjoying a calm and tranquil scenery along the way.

It was better than we thought it’d be! We had a great deal of adventure and laughter, empahasized by the sense of freedom that driving one of these will give you.

I hired one of the boats for only £50 an hour -and if this is something you’ve been thinking of doing – rest assured that they are incredibly fun and easy to drive!

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