Ford has unveiled its new GT Competition Series, specially made for the track but can still be driven on the road.

It features a carbon fibre finish, a manual latch and under the hood you will also find a twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 motor with 647 horsepower. Limited to only 250 models per year, it is set to be a much sought-after model for the fans of the GT supercar. The surprise also comes after last month’s unveiling of their all-new, redesigned, 2018 Mustang.

The new GT wouldn’t be a modern supercar without adjustable driving modes, and Ford has packed five different selectable setups into its new flagship machine.

In Normal mode, the GT rides with 120mm of ground clearance, while traction control and stability control systems are locked on. The rear wing pops up at 90mph, though even in this Normal setting it can still be deployed as an airbrake if the pedal is slammed on at speed. Wet mode is the same as Normal, but lowers throttle sensitivity and responsiveness. With both of these modes activated, comfort suspension settings are available.




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