We already know him as an actor. And who wouldn’t, Idris Elba is so good an actor he is one of only a few actors able to convincingly play the calm Nelson Mandela on the one hand, and a notorious drug kingpin on the other. His alter ego “Big Driss” is a great DJ too. And with his new parrot-themed bar, we’d be seeing yet another side of this hugely multi-talented character.

Carefully nestled within the historic environment that is the Waldorf Hilton hotel in Aldwych, Central London, The Parrot is the result of a collaboration between Idris and twin brothers Nicky and Lee Caulfield.

And Idris Elba’s parrot is no cheap bird. The interior speaks to the kind of clientele the luxury bar looks to attract. Essentially designed with an overwhelming parrot theme, the walls are lined with hand-painted palm wallpapers; while luxurious teal fish scale tiles adorn the bar front, giving it a metallic feel that mirrors the opulence of the hotel that houses the bar; and plenty of greenery can be found planted through the venue – a good resting place for a tired bird.

Opened on November 9, 2018, The Parrot is as exotic as any luxury bar could get, offering a mixture of a cocktail bar where the high and mighty can enjoy their luxury martinis and mojitos, while also potentially enjoying a potent secret signature cocktail menu based on about 15 different types of parrot around the world; and a live music venue. 

The Parrot also offers a “host of A-List surprises”. The 60-seater exclusive venue limits entrance strictly to those who are already on the guest list, meaning you can’t just up and get dressed to enjoy an Idris Elba bar experience except you are already an A-Lister on the guest list.

Yet another exclusive is a special partnership with luxury car makers Aston Martin. This partnership will see The Parrot offer a first-of-its-kind chauffeur-driven car service for guests heading to and from the venue. The luxury car will come stocked with the menu for the day so that guests can pre-order food and drinks on their way to the venue. As an exclusive deal, you wouldn’t be allowed to drive in your own car to the venue.

The live music arena will be overseen by an in-house five-piece band who will be on hand to provide beautiful melody to inspire all of the deep pockets in the room. And while Idris will most times be available to personally mix drinks for his treasured guests, he will sometimes take to the deck to put his DJ skills to good use.

Idris Elba sure knows just what a high flying luxury bird would need after a long day out, and he brings it home with this luxury parrot-themed cocktail bar.

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