No book, tv show, movie or documentary could prepare you for Tokyo. Whatever image you’ve conjured up in that vivid imagination of yours – from countless hours flipping through guide books or binge watching ‘Lost in Translation’, it will be but a pitiful attempt at figuring out the real Tokyo. Any city you visit from now on – you will ‘compare’ to Tokyo.

Served by two international airports – Narita and Haneda – both of which are world class and among the best and busiest in the world, serving over 100 million passengers per year between the two of them! Tokyo is huge, in fact, it’s the largest city in the world by population with 38 million people spread out over 5000m2!

Tokyo also has one of the most extensive mass transit systems in the world which is clean, safe, efficient and at the same time kind of confusing… It’s confusing because it there’s several different railway systems operating within Tokyo. Also, if travelling by taxi, don’t assume the taxi driver will be able to speak english – it’s much better to bring your destination printed out in a card or to even bring a map with you, which most of Hotels will be able to provide.

In terms of food, Tokyo is quantifiably the best food city on the planet – it has 226 Michelin starred restaurants – that’s more than London, Paris and New York combined! It is a place where you should stow you inhibitions in your overhead locker and be adventurous – A thousand food surprises are waiting for you in the Yakitori alley ways, the three person food joints and the indecipherable ramen menus. So relax, go with the flow and you will be absolutely blown away by the food here in Tokyo!

When it comes to entertainment, it’s needless to say that it is probably one the best places to experience it in the world… and as a traveller, you will most likely define your new adventures as before and after Tokyo. There’s no doubt that this city is an international powerhouse but don’t assume that every shop, bar or restaurant  will take a credit card either as Japan is still very much a cash-centric economy, and although Tokyo has a reputation for being an expensive city, it can still be a surprisingly affordable place if you are willing to explore.

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