Situated in a quiet and tranquil area just off Regent Street, this restaurant was founded by three Swiss brothers with the help of the astute gastronomer Rolf Hitl, and it is based on the idea of serving “all-vegetarian and vegan food” in a buffet style set-up.

We know that a lot of people are not entirely keen on buffets, however, Tibits restaurant has come to challenge that perspective. In terms of how it feels, this vegan-vegetarian eatery boasts great decor and has its own unique vibe, which is impressive, but it also feels quite airy and brings in plenty of light.

It kind of feels contemporary, but it also has plenty of classic features in contrast. Decorated with luxurious vintage chandeliers, rustic candle holders and mirrors throughout – the restaurant easily transmits a sense of refined style and distinction, making it a quite pleasant experience.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff are friendly and attentive, as you would expect from a Swiss owned restaurant. But in terms of food? Well, they serve more than 80 vegan-vegetarian dishes, which not only look good, but they taste even better!

The Tibits’ ethos consists of four main core values which are – the joy of living, progressiveness, trust and time, and as Reto Frei, the company’s co-founder puts it:

“Our philosophy it’s not just some paper on the wall, it is something that we address on a daily basis”.

An increasingly preferred place to eat in Regent Street – we recommend it the next time you’re out and about in London!


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