Ride-sharing company Uber promises to take their driver’s needs more into consideration:

The trailblazing company has let the media know that some of their policies were unintentionally hurting their own drivers, following increasing backlash and resentment from the drivers community. In addition, drivers will now have increased power to fight their own corner against customer complaints and refunds, a task which previously seemed like a losing battle for the self employed drivers.

Not only are they facing claims of client favouritism over their own drivers as reported by the media worldwide but they are still fighting allegations of sexism, when a former employee revealed damaging details of her time working at the company, making several claims of harassment and highlighting Uber’s unfriendliness and discrimination against women.

The fact that the company’s former president Jeff Jones revealed that their methods and approach were in a conflict of interest with his own beliefs – has put the company under bigger scrutiny from industry regulators.

In response, Rachel Holt – Uber’s chief operations manager for the US and Canada, admitted that the company was re-examining their internal structure following the claims, and that its priorities were previously focused  on the business rather than their employees. She also advised that this would change with immediate effect.

“We need to bring more humanity to the way we interact with drivers… We’re updating many customer support policies that were unintentionally stacked against them. We also need to give drivers a say in fare adjustments instead of relying on what a rider tells us.” Ms. Hold explained.

Well, lets hope this is the case as such claims can indeed bring any company down, no matter how big it is.

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