Why Visit Copenhagen?

Imagine a place with an almost dour appearance from afar. On a closer look, though, it boasts a striking array of colors and carries a spring in its step to rival anyone else. Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark – the city with an almost town-like appearance and a mostly bleak-ish sky, but a people radiant in happiness, buildings adorned with multiple colors, perfectly cobbled streets, and a buzz to rival any of Europe’s biggest cities.

From playing home to one of the oldest most captivating theme parks in the world, to its amazing castles, a striking little mermaid, popular waterways, and delicious Nordic foods; there’s just so much to attract you to one of Europe’s oldest cities.

The Food

This definitely needed the first place on this list (and, boy did it need that exclamation mark!). Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, it’s impossible to not be overblown by the wonderful gastronomic delights the Danish city offers. Copenhagen plays host to one of the world’s most famous restaurant’s, Noma, which sits pretty in Denmark’s oldest garden – the Royal Danish Horticultural Garden. 

And while you may not be able to enjoy this experience (or something similar) more than once, Copenhagen also boasts of some really neat and lovely street food markets – Papirøen, Torvehallerne, Koedbyen, Hallernes, etc. – that fill your stomach without boring a hole in your pockets. 

Living history

Home to one of the world’s oldest monarchies, Copenhagen is popular for its many royal castles and palaces that tell the story of a time that once was but no longer is. Christiansborg, Kronborg, Amalienborg, Rosenborg, Frederiksborg… each of these palaces  is a unique work of architectural perfection and exquisite, elaborate and yet quietly brilliant artistry, and seeing one does not offset the need (or the activities) to see another. 

The museums

Art enthusiasts will find the pure, unbridled love for art by the Danes to be a welcome delight. A rich art heritage drips through the walls of the city, but nowhere is it more evident than in the number of museums the city plays host to; with exhibitions covering everything from stone age materials to meteors, geological history to contemporary art, and more. Some of Copenhagen’s biggest museums include The National Museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, The National Gallery of Denmark, and the world’s oldest and biggest open air museum, The Open Air Museum.

Tivoli Gardens

You have yet to visit Denmark if you haven’t embarked on a trip to Tivoli – one of the world’s biggest theme parks, and the second oldest theme park the world over. Renowned for having inspired Walt Disney World, Tivoli is impressively huge with historic masterpiece rides that remain as beautifully captivating today as they were 100 old years ago.

A strong appreciation of nature

One of the best ways to catch some fun while learning in Copenhagen is to visit one of a number of buildings that bring together diverse life forms. The city plays host to Den Blå Planet, one of Europe’s biggest aquariums; the Botanical garden, an impressive 10-hectare complex of historical glasshouses from as far back as 1874; as well as Tycho Brahe planetarium. Even then, one of its most impressive feats is the universally respected all-round eco-friendly nature of the city which helps it rank as one of the world’s most sustainable and liveable cities.

Pursuing hygge

At the risk of simply getting on with a trend, it’s hard to miss just how much the Danes pay attention to their happiness. Hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’), according to the Danish, is the ultimate coziness a person can attain, and is a state they evidently always strive for. Little wonder they are regularly voted the happiest people on the planet. Their unpretentious smile, and warm charming nature simply sucks you in. And once you experience hygge, there’s no reason why you won’t return for more.

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