Ember, the maker of the world’s first temperature control mug, has today announced the UK debut of its award-winning Ember Ceramic Mug, alongside integration with the Apple Health app.

The Ceramic Mug comes in white, which is available from a range of top retailers such as Selfridges, and black which is exclusive to Apple stores in the UK.

Featuring exceptional design and advanced technology, the Ember Ceramic Mug gives users complete control over their drinking temperature for hot beverages (between 50°C – 62.5°C) right down to the exact degree, giving people more time to enjoy their drink in the perfect state.

Just a few degrees can completely transform the taste and enjoyment of a hot beverage and Ember – a pioneer of temperature control technology – is helping to change the way people eat and drink by connecting the dots between taste and temperature.

Ember Ceramic Mug

The world’s first temperature control Ceramic Mug lets people enjoy their cup of tea or coffee in their own time, and at their preferred drinking temperature. Users can simply connect to the Ember mobile app and remotely set the desired drinking temperature, receiving notifications when that temperature is reached and also allowing you to save pre-sets for favourite hot drinks, integrated with Apple Health and more.

Available in white in Selfridges, Amazon, and Ember and in black in Apple stores, and it retails at £79.95.

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