The wonders of Ynyshir Restaurant.

Thinking of unforgettable outing with your spouse, family members or co-workers!

Ynyshir restaurants It’s a Welsh/Japanese-influenced, Michelin-starred restaurant that focuses on fatty meats, fermentations and gutsy flavors all courtesy of a chef with one Michelin star in the name of chef Gareth Ward.

Ynyshir Restaurant’s modern and scandi-style makeover has given adventurers and food lovers another immeasurable rationale to visit the Northern part of wales.


The restaurant is located in a serene environment that has a lot of undulating ground that are dappled with rhododendrons and eucalyptus trees. Ynyshir sits South of Snowdonia National Park and is just six – miles drive from the nearest train station located at Machylleth.


Ynyshir is a “restaurant with rooms”, and very beautiful ones they are, too, but it’s not a hotel (you may stay only one night), they don’t do room service, or burgers in the bar, or any bar menu at all, for that matter. 

The restaurant is furnished elegant rooms that has a bay window, Victorian tiles, barewood tables, chocolate colored sheepskins, subtle lighting and a palette of moody blues, greens and charcoals.

Food & drinks

The delicacies offered at the restaurant is prepared by team of seasoned chef headed by experienced and Michelin certified chef named “Gareth Ward”. All delicacies are handled personally by the master himself, meaning wholly unique dishes and peppered with personality.

The uncommon delicacies offered include but not limited to be: mackerel with rhubarb and backfat, duct liver with birch sap and smoked eel. The kitchen has a digital clock that informs the esteemed customers the current age of the wagyu beef supplied.

Breakfast are usually served by 9am and this encompasses homemade bread, granola, crumpets, pastries, fresh fruits, silky slither and lots more. Your continuous satisfaction is guaranteed.

The restaurants gather its esteemed customer together around 7:30pm and sent out invitations to customers to join them at their bar around 7pm.

The lovely part and most memorable experience in the restaurants is how the dish are served with interesting explanation on how they are produced. 

The restaurant continues to gather laurels year in year out by been the Number 15 Harden’s Best UK Restaurants 2018, they also won the Decanter Magazine Best UK   of the year 2018, they are also the best place to eat in Wales in 2018. 

All the accolades and unlimited awards received by the restaurant is due to the effort of the workforce headed by the renowned chef Gareth Ward.


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